Military-Affiliated Student Leadership Fellowship

Applications have closed for the 2020-21 school year.

Students are encouraged to reach out to April Blackmon Strange at any point in the application process to brainstorm/discuss ideas.
We also strongly suggest preparing resume, application responses and essay before starting the application - details are listed below.

The new Military-Affiliated Student Leadership Fellowship is a competitive, cohort-based fellowship designed to build and improve skills among military-affiliated students who take on leadership roles that further strengthen the KU military-affiliated community.

Funding allows fellows to explore worthy leadership experiences and dedicate time to serving the campus community. Fellows will also receive continued mentoring to further develop and enhance their leadership knowledge and skills. With the help of a mentor, students design their own fellowship path that will typically range 1-2 years.

Military-affiliated students bring a unique level of leadership and diversity to the university
and have the potential to become great leaders on campus, in their communities and in their future companies.

The fellowship provides

  • A scholarship AND
  • A stipend for a signature leadership experience, such as:
    • Funding to attend a relevant conference, training, etc., OR
    • The tuition and fees* for a 3-credit course for students pursuing a KU experiential learning certificate in: leadership engagement, service learning or research experience (*for any course not covered by Ch. 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits at the 100% rate).
  • If needed, an additional stipend for other expenses incurred or increased financial need while serving in leadership roles, i.e. evening childcare, extra travel back to campus, missed income from part-time job, etc.


Fellows will

  • Work in conjunction with MASC staff to develop their individual strategic leadership plan that includes specific goals to further strengthen the military-affiliated community
  • Complete a minimum of 80 hours of leadership service as a fellow. Up to 20 hours of campus leadership training (outside of the signature leadership experience) can be counted toward the 80 hours.
  • Provide reflection at the end of the fellowship detailing your leadership work and outcomes (written report, short film, etc.)


There are variety of leadership roles on campus. You'll apply for them separately. Roles include (but are not limited to):


Program requirements

  • Be a military-affiliated student: current or former service member, spouse or dependent
  • Be a full-time student with a 2.8 GPA* or higher (*exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Have attended KU at least one full semester at the time of application
  • Have at least one year of coursework remaining following your participation in a signature leadership experience
  • Attend all meetings, trainings and special events for fellows


A complete application will include the following. Students are encouraged to prepare these materials before applying.

  • Provide a one-page resume
  • Tell us about the leadership role you're interested in pursuing
    • Name and point of contact for organization
    • What leadership role do you plan to take?
      • Will this be a formal leadership position (e.g. vice president, supervisor, etc.)? If so, provide the title if not already mentioned. *A formal leadership position is NOT required for this fellowship.
    • Are you currently in this position?
      • If yes, what do you plan to do that is new, unique or different from what you are/have been doing?
      • If no, will you still be interested in and/or able to participate in this role if you’re not selected? Why/Why not?
      • If yes and if no, have you already discussed this role with the organization?
  • A brief essay that addresses all of the following:
    • How has your military affiliation set you up to be a successful leader?
    • Why do you want to be a member of this fellowship program?
    • Which leadership skills/qualities do you feel most confident about and what areas do you hope to improve upon?
    • How do you plan to use your role to further strengthen the KU military-affiliated community?
  • If applicable, tell us about any anticipated additional expenses you may occur or financial need while serving in the leadership role (i.e. evening childcare, extra transportation back to campus, reduced income from part-time job, etc.) and cost estimates.

Special thanks

This fellowship is made possible thanks to the generous support of Corvias Foundation, who is enabling us to launch this initiative and provide fellowship opportunities for spouses and dependents, and the Shaw Family Foundation, who enabling us to provide fellowship opportunities for veterans.



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