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VA benefits and/or paperwork status questions? Contact the VA Certifying Official in the University Registrar's office, 785-864-4423 or

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New student

Have you applied for eligibility (applied for VA benefits) through the VA? If not, apply through the VA's Veterans Online Application (VONAPP) using form 22-1990. (If you are applying for transfer of benefits for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, use form 22-1999e). Once you have, the VA will mail you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Award Letter (this comes 4-10 weeks after you complete the VONAPP). You must submit the COE to the Registrar's office before Dec. 15/May 15 of your first semester. You can submit all paperwork before the semester starts at New/Transfer Student Orientation, drop off in Room 121 Strong Hall, email or fax to 785-864-3900.

The following forms need to be completed:

  • KU Veterans Information Sheet 
  • Enrollment Certification Worksheet (Undergraduate | Graduate) - you will fill this out with your advisor and need the advisor's signature every semester and with every schedule change. It's easiest to first do this before the semester starts at New Student Orientation.
  • Anticipated Financial Aid or Scholarships (only for students using Chapter 33 Post 9/11). If you are receiving additional financial aid, (e.g. Pell Grants, scholarships), also complete the (optional) VA Educational Benefits - Early Release of Funds webform to receive your additional financial aid sooner.
  • Any required paperwork for in-state tuition based on Armed Forces Residency or (only for Students using Chapter 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill at the 100% level who live in Missouri) the Yellow Ribbon Application.
    • Note: If you are a veteran/veteran dependent who meets the Armed Forces Residency requirements, you must also update all your addresses in Enroll and Pay (KU login required) to Kansas addresses. 
  • (Optional form): If a student would like a third party to access his/her account (i.e. a parent), that student must delegate access. Delegates can be authorized to pay bills, check the status of VA benefits, etc. 

Transfer student

If you have used your benefits previously (and you are not changing chapters) you need to complete the following forms and submit all paperwork at New/Transfer Student Orientation, drop off in Room 121 Strong Hall, email or fax to 785-864-3900. If you have not yet used VA benefits, see the "New Student" section above.

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Returning and continuing students

If you have not been enrolled for at least one semester, you need to complete a new KU Veterans Information Sheet plus the paperwork below. If you're changing benefits, please also submit a new or recent VA Certificate of Eligibility or Award Letter.

Also, students who have been continuously enrolled need to submit the following each semester you're using VA benefits:

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Guest students

Have the VA Certifying Official at the school where you are seeking a degree send the KU VA certifying official a "Parent School Letter" so that your enrollment at KU can be certified to the VA.

Guest students also will need to:

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All students who receive VA benefits (except for Chapter 31 benefit recipients) are eligible to automatically have a deferment for tuition and campus fees placed on their accounts. In order for a deferment to be placed on your account you must complete all required paperwork every semester and turn it in to the VA Certifying Official. They will then certify your enrollment to the VA and apply the deferment to your account. The deferment will allow your tuition and required fees to be deferred until the end of the semester.

The payment schedule is listed below:

Term Bill Due
Spring Semester May 15
Summer Semester August 15
Fall Semester December 15

*You are under no obligation to use the deferment and you may pay your tuition and required fees in full at any time.

The tuition and required fees deferment is a privilege not a right. Please note the following information:

  • You agree to pay the full tuition & required fees by the tuition due date established by the University.
  • You have been approved for a deferment of tuition and required fees. If you change your schedule or if your enrollment status changes, it may require reassessment of tuition and campus fees. Notify us of these, changes as soon as possible, so that we may send the adjustment to the VA. Any schedule changes require a new Enrollment Certification Worksheet (Undergraduate | Graduate).
  • You must pay in person at the cashier's office no later than 4 p.m. on the due date of each installment or online on the KU Student Account Service's Website.
  • You must notify the Office of the Registrar (121 Strong Hall, 785-864-4423) if your VA benefit check does not arrive by November 6 (Fall Semester) or April 6 (Spring Semester).

The consequences of NOT paying on time are:

  1. Holds will be placed on future enrollment and transcript requests.
  2. Loss of the installment payment privilege for all future terms.
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Tuition and Fees Reported to the VA

The Veterans Administration requires schools to deduct institutional aid and grants that are designated solely for tuition and fees when certifying your enrollment for the semester.

Financial aid awards to be deducted before reporting your tuition to the VA include the following:

  • KU Tuition Grant
  • Federal or State Tuition Assistance
  • KU Excellence
  • Any other types of restricted aid designated for tuition and required fees only

Please note this list is not all inclusive. You may contact a VA Certifying Official at 785-864-4423 for further information.

Unrestricted financial aid funds are not deducted from tuition reported to the VA and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • PELL Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • KU Grant
  • FAS Scholarship
  • Work Study
  • Stafford, Perkins and Parent PLUS Loans
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You can also visit the Office of the Registrar in 121 Strong Hall or stop by the Student Veteran Center in 345 Summerfield Hall.

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