Judy (Judith) Hinton Research Fund (JHR)

Goal: To support undergraduate women veterans within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) to travel to either international or domestic conferences and meetings to present their research, to visit a research/field site to conduct research, or to visit an expert in the field to learn a new technique/approach. Special preference will be given to students studying pre-education or pre-nursing. 

Application Due Date: Funds will be available on a rolling basis as funds remain available

Fund Description: The undergraduate student must present their work through official channels at the meeting/conference (e.g., poster, oral presentation, contribution to an art exhibit) or learn new skills that will enhance their research at a new location, or gain critical data for their research at adistant location. All approaches should involve development of critical networking skills in the process of enhancing their research through travel opportunities.

Student Engagement: This fund serves to benefit CLAS undergraduate women veterans by supporting them to travel to present their research, to gain new skills, or to collect critical data.


Approximate Number of Awards: To be determined

Maximum Amount per award: $1,000 Domestic, or $2,000 International

Eligibility: The principal investigator (PI) must be a faculty member or research staff member in the College.

A statement must be made in the Application Form Part I for how the student’s travel is directly relevant to the research of the supporting faculty/staff member (for tax purposes).

Application Requirements:

• Application Form Part I (Part II is not required for this fund)

• Curriculum vitae or resume of the PI (maximum 4 pages)

• Budget plus Budget Justification

• Appendix A: Approvals for University Regulations for Research Projects

Special Requirements: In the Project Summary, provide the name of the meeting/conference with information on the student presentation and/or the benefits to be gained by the student from the travel, including networking, learning a new skill, or gaining research experience.

Budget Sheet Information:

When filling out the budget sheet, please refer to Travel for Research (lines 35-38) only. The Total Budget amount will automatically populate once amounts are entered. Applications will not be accepted without signatures from both the Applicant and Chairperson (or student advisor/PI).   

Timeline and Submission Information:

An electronic version of the completed application is due to the College Dean’s Office on a rolling basis at the following email address college_rei@ku.edu. Questions regarding the application process can be sent to Tamara Falicov.

Please use the following format for the email subject line and file(s) name:


Example: REI2018-19_Doe,J_FWI.pdf (for a single pdf)

— or —

                   REI2018-19_Doe,J_FWI.Application.pdf (for multiple PDF files; label accordingly)



Post-Award Follow-up:

The Judy (Judith) Hinton Research Fund (JHR) requires a one-time progress report that describes the results of the grant/fellowship application (funded or rejected) when known with a description of future plans, or a description of the results of the funded conference/meeting, or outcomes of a presentation or research trip, or results of the funded research project (depending on the fund) within three months after completion.

Signing of the applicant forms indicates that the applicant agrees to submit these progress reports as stated, along with evidence of grant/fellowship submissions and reviews as described in the specific funds above.


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